All students must be a minimum of 18 with a grade 12 diploma or equivalent. Potential students without a grade 12 equivalent can write a CAAT Test that will permit them to enter The Loft Academy Ottawa’s Hairstyling Program; however, students without an OSSD or other provincial equivalent such as a GED will not be eligible to be registered as apprentices and will therefore be unable to work as a Hairstylist in Ontario. It is possible to study Hairstyling and complete an OSSD or GED at the same time, but prior to seeking acceptance as an apprentice. The decision to study Hairstyling prior to having OSSD or GED, is a student’s decision. “Apprentice” is the term used for students who graduate a Hairstyling school program and then must apprentice for 1500 hours in a hair salon in Ontario.

The CAAT Test is a multiple choice test that takes about 3 hours. To find more information about a GED in Ontario go to www.ilc.org/index-main.php